2024 Sprouts Day Camps

June 24 – August 30, 2024
9:00am to 4:00pm
Sheep River Library
Weekly Sign Ups, Ages 3-9

Give your child a week this summer to explore, play, learn and challenge themselves with the supportive guidance of trained Nature Play Leaders. 

Using a forest school approach, Sprouts Day Camps are designed to boost  children’s self-confidence and develop their interpersonal, self-awareness and emotional regulation skills while allowing them to follow their natural curiosity and connect with nature.

  • Free play & nature exploration
  • Sports and active games
  • Stories and imaginative play
  • Arts & crafts
  • Hands-on science and nature exploration
  • Mindfulness & gratitude activities
  • Playground & splash park play
  • Short walks (with lots of breaks) to nearby pockets of nature
  • And more!
What Parents Are Saying:

“Emma had a blast last year and I loved t
hat she spent most of her time outside.”
Meghan, Diamond Valley


“Our son attended Sprouts Day Camp last summer
and every day came home with exciting new stories of their adventures.
His confidence grew exponentially and he challenged his curiosity
and explored how things worked daily.”

Brittany, Diamond Valley

2024 Sprouts Day Camps:

– June 24-27: Ages 3-6 (4-day)
– July 15-19: Ages 3-9
– Aug 12-16: Ages 3-9
– Aug 19-23: Ages 3-9
– Aug 26-30: Ages 3-9

Camps run by weekly registration. Registration: $250 per 5-day camp, $200 per 4-day camp, $50 per day. Each week requires 6 campers in order to run. 

Multi-Camp Discount: To express our gratitude, we are offering 10% off every second week of camp from each family. Discount applies on a single child’s 2nd and 4th weeks of camp or if a family registers 2 children, the 2nd child gets 10% off their registration.

Financial assistance available for families in financial need!
Email natureschool@dvslc.ca to inquire about possible subsidy.

Diamond Valley Sustainable Living Centre

Sprouts Day Camps are an initiative of the Diamond Valley Sustainable Living Centre and are run in partnership with Connections Nature Play, our licensed forest school child care program. 

Thanks to the following organizations for supporting Sprouts Day Camps:

Families in our area are lucky to have multiple options for children’s summer day camps this year. If your child is older than the age ranges we are hosting for a particular week, check out the Sheep River Library Events Calendar, ARTsplosion Camps by Art with Crystal, and Around the World Summer Camps by Millarville Early Learning Society.

If you are looking for additional summer opportunities for your children, the May 8 issue of the Western Wheel spotlights all kinds of local summer camps, including Sprouts!