Here are some of our offerings


The Sustainable Living Centre will be offering workshops on a number of topics throughout the year. These will include but not limited to Cooking, preserving your harvest, CNC services, and using tools in the shop to name a few.

Repair Cafe

A place to bring in one of your items that is in need of some care

Sustainable living

"Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs"

Food Prep

Whether its harvesting, preserving, or cooking; the Sustainable Living Centre will be there to help.

What You Get

 Our maker spaces will house fully outfitted workstations where members can work on their own projects, making use of available tools and supplies.

Workstations will be added as time and space allow.

Memberships will be available at different levels, depending on your needs.


Make Your Own

Members will be able to bring their own projects and items that are in need of repair or repurposing, or have us effect the repairs for you. 

Should you just need to replace a plastic part for one of your appliances, you can visit our 3D Printing station and make the part you need.