Energy Security

  • Develop one or more local distribution energy system
  • Install water capture/reuse systems for homes and businesses
  • Create new energy sources from existing and future technologies

Repair Cafe & Makerspace

Repair Cafés are free drop-in places. In a Repair Café, you will find tools and materials to help make any repairs you need. On clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, et cetera. You’ll also find expert volunteers, with repair skills in all kinds of fields.

Water Security

  • Develop ways to make our water sources more secure
  • Install water capture/reuse systems for homes and businesses
  • Promote efficient water use practices

Food Security

  • Plant a variety of perennial food plants, shrubs, and trees wherever possible
  • Create a group to gather, distribute, and process unwanted fruit from existing and future trees in our local area
  • Create partnerships with local farmers and ranchers with a focus on a secure local food supply
  • Share knowledge on how to grow, process, and use herbs for medicinal purposes
  • Develop a variety of ways to grow food indoors and over all four seasons
  • Build a greenhouse adjacent to Oilfields High School with the participation of the students, using heat generated by the Black Diamond arena, to grow
  • Build similar greenhouses in the local area, with a focus on 3- or 4-season growing

upscaling resources

  • Build a set of machines from open-source plans to process recycled plastic into useful products, find source material, and market the products
  • Grow hemp and find or create processing facilities, with the goal of creating local green permanent jobs 
  • Explore methods of creating our own cloth and other useful objects of everyday life

Education and Apprenticeships

  • Develop a series of workshops designed to relearn skills useful in potential situations where our needs cannot be met by usual methods, for both kids and adults
  • Create a local barter system, perhaps with a local currency
  • Develop ways of fostering and enhancing a spirit of community among our members
  • Develop a virtual library and knowledge base — documents, podcasts, references, and use of technology to create virtual environments.