Larry Ashmore Scholarship

Larry Ashmore was a founding member of the DVSLC and was in many ways a renaissance man.  He was mostly self taught, a fantastic handyman, gentle spirit, and passionate about mentoring young folk.  He loved tools of all kinds, delighted in tinkering, and embraced sustainability.  He was a cherished friend of many in this area.

Oilfields High School in Diamond Valley will make an award from the Ashmore Fund to an outstanding student who intends to pursue a career in the trades that embraces the goals of sustainability. Through this annual award, DVSLC seeks to honour the wisdom and compassion of our late neighbour, friend and DVSLC co-founder Larry Ashmore, who was a tradesman, knowledge seeker, dreamer, and environmental advocate. He had the vision to re-imagine what is possible, embracing the view that nothing of potential use should ever go to a landfill.
We need your support to make this happen!
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